Duct Tape Wallets



Hopefully these help...

Mixing up the colors makes it really cute. Use one color on the front, a different on the back for the main piece, etc. The more you use the wallet it takes the shape of your pocket and stays shut a lot better. New wallets will spring open at first, but not for long!

Step 1: 4 pieces about 12 inches long

Step 2: Lay 4 more pieces directly over

Step 3: Tear one 12 inch piece

Step 4: Rip that piece in half and seal the horizontal edges

<main wallet piece>

Step 5: Fold in half and make creases


This is a good time to make sure your wallet is too long to short.

Too long/wide= cut away until it's the right size

Too short/narrow= add rows of tape

Step 6: Fold in half again, make creases

Step 7: Create extra flap piece...lay 3 pieces down . The pink is the recycled piece from the wallet I messed up earlier :)

Step 8: Fold in half, crease the bottom

<I flipped the piece over because I want the polka dots on the outside>

Step 9: Take a 4-5 inch piece

Step 10: Rip about a a third of the piece off

Step 11: Lay this piece down the middle of the inside of the wallet

Step 12: Fold the extra edges in the inside of the wallet

Step 13: Fold the other edge onto the front of the wallet

Step 14: Tear a 12 inch piece to seal the bottom the entire wallet. You can rip a third of it off or just leave it alone.

Step 15: Seal the bottom. This will attach the inside flap to the main part of the wallet from the bottom.

Step 16: Press all the edges down on the front side

Step 17: Trim the edges of the wallet

Step 18: Get a 4-5 inch piece, tear it in half

Step 19: Seal the edges and trim

Step 20: Press the edges and creases to make sure all the edges are sealed

Cut shapes to make it cuter...

The End!