Biotechnology Bill of Rights

By:Ryan Daniels

Amendment #1

First amendment, This is the right to choose whether or not your body can be used for science. This means that if any material is withdrawn from someone's body, it is the person's property. Therefore, this gives the person all rights over the material. In case of the death of the person, the property will become the family's.

Explanation and Explanation

This is an important amendment because this amendment protects material from your body and makes it your property. This way they cannot use your body without your consent. For example, the Henrietta Etilux case where a scientist used material from her body without Henrietta's consent or the family's

Amendment #2

Second amendment, the right to 10% of the earnings from the material of your body. In this case, material of your body is used for science and the scientists make money off of the material, 10% of the total earnings will be given to the person that owns the material. If the person dies, the family will have control over the body but will not be able to receive the 10%.

Explanation and Explanation

This amendment is going to help people get money if they give the material to science. This way the company does not make all the money from the material. The reason the amendment prohibits the act of the family making money from the material because we do not want to have family members killing other family members for the money.

Amendment #3

This is the right to let scientists use the material for research and not allow the scientist use it to make money. This would mean that if you give them your material you can choose whether the scientist can make money off of the material.

Explanation and Explanation

This makes it so the company cannot just start selling without the person's permission. The reason this is a big deal is because the people that are in charge of the material need to know if it is going to be used for research or if it is going to be sold. For example, the person has material taken from their body that they want to help science to deepen scientist knowledge of this material but they do not want anyone to make money off of the material they can say it is for research only.

Amendment #4

Amendment #4, This amendment protects all forms of unborn human life. Under this amendment, any form of killing or harming an unborn human life is banned. This includes using unborn humans from being aborted or being used for scientific research.

Explanation and Explanation

This amendment prohibits people from harming unborn humans. It I a great amendment because it humanise the unborn human and makes sure that they are treated with a fair chance of survival for all babies. For example, there I a mom and she wants to get rid f her baby this way she can not kill the baby because this is killing unborn human material. This way the baby is given a fair chance of survival.