The Bean

Monument in Chicago

Mirror Like Object

The Bean is an very nice and shinny piece of sculpture made by Anish Kapoor. Kapoor wanted to try something different so he made this wonder piece that reflects everything around it. You, bikes, trees, buildings, etc. Everything! It's like a big mirror in the middle of no where. So you can see everything you do. Go on. Test it. Give a try. It'll just make you more amazed.
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Couple of Places Around The Bean

The Bean "Cloud Gate"

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The Bean In Chicago

Artist, Anish Kapoor, created an unique sculpture named "The Bean" because of its shape but it it originally called the "Cloud Gate." It is 33 feet high up and 42 feet round. People can see their reflection in it because of the type of metal he used to get the shine. He used 168 stainless steel plates and welded it together and 110 short tons. The arch in the bean is 12 ft. tall so you can walk through it and around.

This art piece annoy took about a year to be built. Years of 2003-2004. The Bean, "Cloud Gate," is called Cloud Gate because 80% reflects of the sky so it captures the feeling of the city. It draws attention at someone's first glance and it is available anytime. People in the world love to visit the Bean because they like to interact with it, it lets the viewer become part of the art and changes perspective of yourself.

The Bean is located in Millennium Park, Chocago. It is one of the most popular outdoor sculptures in Chicago. It is the nosy largest sculpter of its kind in the whole world. It has made a re-making image by making new angles and also plays tricks with the light and sky.

Kapoor's design was inspired by liquid mercury. This while art piece cost about $23,000,000. The Bean was done in 2004 but wasn't issued until May 15, 2006. It was unveiled in am incomplete form during the Millennium Park grand opening 2004. It was originally created in California but then taken apart and shipped to Chicago and reassembled.

The Bean is an unique sculpture of hollow metal. Bean is located in Millennium Park, Chicago. The design was inspired by liquid mercury. The bean was created in California but was token apart and shipped to Chicago. "The Bean" is an inspiring and an amazing cite to see!

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