Gray Dolphins


This month in the Gray Dolphin room...

This month we will discuss nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes are very important for pre-reading and expanding expressive language in preschoolers. They are catchy, funny, and silly and we GD's LOVE to have fun.

Here are four main reasons nursery rhymes can be beneficial for kids:

  1. They are good for the brain. Not only does the repetition of rhymes and stories teach children how language works, it also builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities.
  2. Nursery rhymes preserve a culture that spans generations, providing something in common among parents, grandparents and kids—and also between people who do not know each other.
  3. They are a great group activity. It brings together the shy kids and the extroverts!!
  4. Most important they are fun to say.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • If you are potty training, please send your child in clothes he/she can manipulate by themselves.
  • Don't forget to sign your children in and out every day.
  • Please send weather appropriate extra set of clothes. It is starting to get warm and a lot of the children have long sleeved shirts and pants.

A special thanks...❤️

What an "eggscellent" Easter egg hunt and party! Thank you to all who helped out and a big thanks to Sarah for coordinating the party.

Our Eggstra-Special Gray Dolphins!

Here they are donning their bunny hats!

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