Importance of Breakfast

Chp. 13

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast breaks the fast from the night before.

~ Food is fuel and energy source.

~ Your body doesn't process the next meal properly and it tries to hold on to the nutrients that it has since there's no nutrients from breakfast.

~ Increased metabolic rate


3 nutritional breakfast meals:

~ A toaster waffle with strawberries and instant hot cocoa.

~ Ham and cheese on an English muffin with carrot sticks and grapefruit juice.

excuses for not eating breakfast and solutions:

~ I didn't have enough time.

wake up early to make time for breakfast or, grab something and eat on the go.

~ I'm never hungry in the morning.

~ I don't feel like preparing breakfast.

eat things you don't have to prepare.

ex: nutrition/protein bars, fruits, and veggies.

~ I don't like fruits or breakfast foods.

with there being dozens of different kinds of foods that are appropiate and nutritional for breakfast, try out different kinds because there is bound to be something you'd like,