Student Council

A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible :)

Service with pride, Lead with confidence, Inspire to impact lives

Student Council is all about being a leader. Being a leader involves doing what is right, making sure everyone is satisfied, and making everything the best that it can be. I enjoy being on Student Council very much, I love being able to help where help is needed. I highly encourage people to run for Student council. I have been on Student Council for 2 years going onto 3 years, those years were the best, most fun, that I ever had. So run for Student Council you may be surprised!

Why should you join?

You should join! You will have a blast, I know this from experience. Being on student coucil was the best thing about my middle school years, and now I will get to enjoy being on student council my freshman year of high school as well! I look forward to being in Student Council everyday. So this is why I think you should join Student Council so then you have these great memories to look back on like I do :)