Flow of food

ServSafe Chapter 4

Preventing cross contamination

  • Use separate equipment for each type of food.
  • Clean and sanitize all work surfaces,equipment,and utensils after each task.
  • Prepare raw meat,fish, and poultry at different times than ready to eat food(when using the same prep table)
  • Buy food items that don't require much preparing or handling.

Time-temperature control

Food held in the range of 41 degrees F and 135 degrees F has been time temperature abused.

Food has been time-temperature abused whenever it is handled in the following ways:

  • Cooked to the wrong internal temperature.
  • Held at the wrong temperature.
  • Cooked or reheated incorrectly.

How to avoid time temperature abuse

  • Monitor time and temperature.
  • Make sure the correct type of thermometers are available.
  • Regularly record temperatures and the times they are taken.
  • Minimize the time that food spends in the temperature danger zone.
  • Take corrective actions if the time-temperature standards are not met.

Bimetallic stemmed thermometers

  • Most common food thermometer.
  • Can be calibrated to keep accurate readings easy to read.

Thermocouples and thermister

  • Measure temperature through a metal probe.
  • Display temperatures digitally.
  • Come with interchangeable probes

Infrared(laser) thermometers

  • Used to measure the surface temperature of food and equipment.
  • Hold as close to the food or equipment as possible.
  • Remove anything between the thermometer and the food,food package,or equipment.
  • Follow manufacturer's guidelines.

Time temperature indicators (TTI)

  • Monitor both time and temperature.
  • Are attached to the packages by the supplier.
  • A color change appears on the device when time temperature abuse has occurred.

Maximum registering tape

Indicates the highest temperature reached during use.

Used where temperature readings cannot be continuously observed.

A food handler has finished trimming raw chicken on a cutting board , and needs the board to prep vegetables.What must be done to the cutting board?

It must be washed rinsed ,& sanitized.

A thermometer used to measure the temperature of food must be accurate to what temperature?

+/-2 degrees F or +/-1 degrees C

What device can be used to record time-temperature abuse during the delivery of food?

Time-temperature indicator(TTI)

Which type of thermometer can read temperature without touching the items surface?

Infrared thermometer