A Walk to Remember

By: Nicholas Sparks


It's the start of a new year for Landon Carter and he is finally a Senior. Though he wasn't a bad student, he still wanted the easiest classes the school offered, so he signed up for drama class. Every year the school's senior drama class performs a play written by the local pastor. Being the pastor's only daughter, Jamie is automatically given the role as she walks into the class as a senior.

Homecoming comes quickly. It came so quick that Landon didn't have a date, and everyone else did. After asking multiple girls, he finally decides his only option is to ask Jamie. The dance, though, didn't go quite as Landon planned. By 10:00, him and Jamie were in the bathroom cleaning up vomit. When Landon dropped Jamie off at her house, she asked if he would play the lead role in the musical coming up this Christmas.

As the next couple weeks go by, Landon finds himself falling in love with Jamie the more he spends time with her, and over the new year, he finds out the most devastating news you could ever imagine.


Live day by day, and not for the future.


What did you enjoy about this book?

I enjoyed that the author brought two totally different people together and made them fall in love despite their differences

Would I recommend this book?

I would not recommend this book to boys, but I would to girls, if you like a good love story.

Was the ending satisfactory?

Yes, the story ends just how you want it to and everything is resolved.