Comparative Poetry Analysis

comparative of two collections poems


Do you look outside during a storm you know storms are bad and are destructive but you love to look at its beauty and love to watch the lightning stuck by. "Sleeping in the forest" & "Problems with Hurricanes " may be opposite poems but they can be the same in some ways too. They can have similarity and differences in figurative language, tone, and form/structure.


"Problems with Hurricanes" the author gives me a fell to watch out for falling fruit that can kill you, which gives me a funny view on the story and funny that some people have this problem. For example in lines 32-35, the poet says, "If your going out/ beware of mangoes/ and all such beautiful/sweet things." Unlike "Problems with Hurricanes", "Sleeping in the Forest" gives me a negative feel and a positive feel and mostly creepy& mysterious , because its about her dying then she came back to life better. For instance in lines 17-16, the poet says, "I had vanished at least a dozen times/ into something better."

Figurative language

"Problems with Hurricanes" show a lot of imagery. For example In lines 20-21 the Author says, " suffer a mango /smashing your skull"You can really picture that with vivid details. "Sleeping in the Forest" has imagery like "Problems with Hurricanes" but also has smiles and personification, for instance in lines 15-16 the author says " I rose and fell as if in water grappling /with luminous doom" as a simile an personification the author says in lines 13-14, "...the birds /who do their work"

Structure and Form

In "Sleeping in the Forest" theirs 18 lines and 1 stanza and "Problems with Hurricanes" has theirs 35 lines and 6 stanzas. Both poems kind of have a shape in how the poem is written like one looks like a tree and the other looks like a tall tree on a wall. Also both poems are free verse. In addition, "Sleeping in the Forest" has flow of thought and different lengths of lines. "Problems with Hurricanes" has repeated words for example the author repeats "Don't worry"


In conclusion, the two poems are very different in structure, tone, and figurative language and very similar too.The author's style of poem affects the poem because it relates to the main message and how the author wants us to perceive the poem's main message.The overall theme or message of each poem would be Nature can be both destructive and beautiful, like “problems with hurricanes the fruit can kill you yet it is so good for your health and taste so good. That message also goes with “Sleeping in the forest” because she committed suicide (destructive) then wanted to became a better person so she came back better.(beautiful)