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Do You have Spyware in your computer ?

Do You have Spyware in your computer ?

Do You have Spyware?

Spyware is a growing threat that must be dealt with in a timely manner in order to ensure your privacy and security have not been compromised. If you have experienced any of the know symptoms for Spyware, you need to seek immediate assistance to prevent your valuable data from being compromised.

Depending on the type of pest that plagues your computer, it may be very easy to detect an infection. That's the good news. The bad news is some of the most dangerous infections, especially from RATS or Spyware, can be very difficult to detect. That's why most of the checking and removing of pests is done with software designed to do just that. Nevertheless, there are some general symptoms you should know.

Your Computer Has a Mind of Its Own?

Spyware, Trojans and other pests contact other computers, and each pest is program of its own, therefore they use system resources such as CPU cycles, memory and an Internet connection.

Slow Computer?

There are several reasons your computer may be running slow, but if you use it on a regular basis, then you're familiar with its noises, hang-ups and how it reacts. Older computers tend to run slower. Some applications cause computers to run slower. Computers are machines, they do not have moods. A sudden change in how your computer is running could be a sign of Spyware or Adware.

E-Mail Symptoms?

If you're getting a lot of bounced back mail and see evidence of e-mails being sent without your knowledge, then it's possible that Trojan spam ware has found its way onto your computer. Spam ware is a Trojan that can turn your computer into a spam launching pad and create headaches for unknowing computer users, especially if a virus is sent. Even if your computer is not being used to send spam, Trojans can steal a copy of your e-mail address book and send it back to a spammer. Victims of some Trojans report CD drives opening and shutting, or programs opening and closing. Is your hard drive whirling away when you're not doing anything? Is there an unknown icon in your Windows system tray (lower right corner of your screen)? If you have an external modem, there may be lights indicating data transfers blinking when you're not doing anything online. These are all signs a program may be up to no good in the background.

Offline Symptoms?

Keyboard loggers can capture passwords and user names, so if the bank, brokerage or credit card accounts you access online appear to have been tampered with, your computer may be a place to start looking for clues. User names and passwords to e-mail and Web-based applications are also vulnerable.

If you have any reason to believe someone is interested in tracking what you do online, call Alternative Computer Solutions 1 877 5772362 to help restore your privacy and security immediately.

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