Alkali Metals

Why Illinois is seeing more these days

Try not to look for these dangerous metals

These metals have been reported throughout Illinois, and are not a pretty site to see. They are in the group 1 section of the periodic table. They might have electric shock with the metals, so if you touch them you WILL get electrocuted. Some of the Alkali Metals include Lithium, Sodium, Calcium, Hydrogen, and Rubidium. They typically only have 1 valence electron, with rarely having more. Please be respectful when you see these, they could be dangerous. They also are very, reactive metals. The last thing today, is, that they are very good conductors for heat.

Additional Information

If you want more information about these dangerous Metals, contact the Illinois Department of Alkali Metals at 1800-546-0009! Also this is not a real Article!