Ireland and France

By Xandra Lorenz Period 5

Why go to Ireland and France?

Ireland: Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the beautiful shores to the historic Dublin Castle, Ireland has it all. One fact about Ireland is that the harp, the Celtic Cross, the shamrock, and the Blarney Stone are all commonly used symbols that are good luck in Ireland.

France: France is a beautiful country in Europe that has one of the worlds most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. Also, in France a very popular place is the city of love, also known as Paris. An awesome fact about France is that it is the most visited place in the world. In 2012 there were over 83 million tourists!



Ireland: Ireland was founded in 1297 after the Black Death. Douglas Hyde was the first president of Ireland and was elected in 1938 till 1945. One war that positively impacted Ireland was the War of Independence. From 19200-1922 the "tans and blacks" fought over freedom and though Ireland got partially destroyed, it became independent.

France: France was founded in 1792 but continued to fight with itself until after WW2, and then it became the fourth republic and has been that way since then. The first president of France was Patrice de Mac-Mahon and was in office from 1875-1879. One important war for France was the French and Indian war from 1744-1763.


Culture: Write about your destinations culture.

Ireland: The most practiced religions in Ireland are Christianity in the forms of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Ireland's most famous sports are Gaelic football, hockey, and rugby. Some common languages spoken in Ireland are Irish Gaelic and English. Most people speak English as a primary language and Irish Gaelic as a secondary language, but it might be the opposite depending on what part of the country you are on. One of the most common celebrations in Ireland is St. Patrick's Day. Also Northern Ireland celebrates the 12th of July when they celebrate the victory of William the third beating Battle of the Boyne. The most common form of dance is Irish dancing, and many people use this form of dance all around the world.

France: Some of the most practiced religions in France are Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism. France's most popular sports are football (soccer), bicycling, and tennis. Also, France is known for having the most skiing resorts out of all countries in the world. Fashion is really important in France, and they have some of the most expensive fashion headquarters located in their countries. Art is also important in France, people in France have been connected with art for almost 10,000 years! France holds one of the largest and most famous art museums in the world called the Louver. Popular music in France is folk music and classical music. Even some of the worlds greatest composers were from France.


Flight Expences

Flights: 1. Denver, Colorado to Dublin, Ireland.

2. Mullingar, Ireland to Paris, France.

3. Paris,France to Denver, Colorado.

Cost: 1. $1497

2. $129.60

3. $1259.48


Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name:

1. When we get to Dublin, Ireland we will be staying at the Abbey Hotel.

2. For the second night, we will be staying at the Newbury Hotel in Mullingar, Ireland.

3 & 4. When we get to Paris, France we will be staying at Hotel Pullman.

Hotel Price:

1. $58 per night

2. $89 per night

3 & 4. $338 per night

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like?

1. This hotel is near the airport and really close to all the activities we will be doing on the first day. Our hotel room has two twin sized beds, a bathroom, cable, and a coffee maker.

2. This hotel has two queen sized beds and a bathroom, and it is bear the airport we are going to so we can get to Paris France.

3 & 4. This last hotel is right by the Eiffel tower and has a perfect view from our room. Also it is near all of the activities for the last couple days. Our room has two queen sized beds, a huge bathroom, cable, room service, and a coffee maker.


Activities/ Site to See: What will you do on your dream vacation? (You can add more than 3 activities)


Activity 1: Swimming at the National Aquatic Centre

Description: The National Aquatic Centre is a indoor water park for all ages. You can lounge in the pool or go down one of the super fun water slides.

Cost: $13.24


Activity 2: Dublin Castle Tour

Description: Have an adventure in one of Irelands most famous castles. You can go on a self lead tour of the Dublin Castle and explore any crevice of the amazing castle.

Cost: $12.42



Activity 3: Eiffel Tower

Description: Climb to the highest point of Paris while having an amazing time on the Eiffel Tower. Just 2681 steps until you're enjoying the most exhilarating view from the top of the world!

Cost: $24.12


Activity 4: Disney Land

Description: Go on a magical journey with all your favorite characters while riding extremely fun rides. Enjoy a fun filled day filled with rides, family, and magic.

Cost: $219.25


Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.

One problem that might occur in Ireland or France is getting our passports stolen or losing them. One way to avoid this problem is to print out a copy of the passports and leaving them in our suitcases. Another problem we could face is getting our Visa cards stolen. To avoid this we can cancel our cards and bring an extra just in case.

Have you ever traveled?

I have traveled before but not out of the country. This summer i will be going to Europe for and educational trip with my school and I'm very excited. When i was little i traveled to California, Nebraska, Nevada, and Iowa. Also this summer, I'm going on a family trip to Florida.

Conclusion/ Reflection:

I choose to go to Ireland and France with my friend Kayla. I picked Ireland because it seems like a really pretty place and I love Irish accents. Also I picked France because my aunt always wanted to go there but never had a chance because she passed away a few years ago. If I went to France it would probably be on her behalf so I could live her dream for her. I spent my money on my transportation, which was plane rides and a couple cars. Also I spent my money on food and activities. One activity I did was climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I think that it would be a hassle to get to the top but when you're at the top and looking at the view it would be worth it.