Is your friends true friends

True Friends Don't

The first thing they're nice to you and other people. They said sorry when they do something wrong or hurting your feelings. The most important thing they don't forget about you when they have another friend to play with!!!!

True BBFs

True BBFs are nice and friendly to everyone and to each other. They do everything together!!! But true friends can do way more together than by yourself!!!

Always have a BBFs

If you always have a BBF at your side. There will be stoping you. The most important thing true friends are always sticking up for you. Also you should stick up for your friend or friends.
Best Friends Forever Lyrics

The Stuff Is Going On With Me

12/12/14 So for my best friends is are to explain. I have a lot of BBFs, we all have friends we play with. So that is what I do of course . But I have one that I what to not be BBFs with. Which I am not going to tell who it is.I thought to said at recess.But she never out at recess.She is always doing something she, not doing make-up work.So if she something mean to me again then not BBF!!
Taylor Swift-True Friend

But the friends that are always on your side is..............

YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!
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Love you guys!!!!!!!

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