Come to Mesopotamia

The best place in the world! By Anthony and CJ

The land

Mesopotamia is the land between two beautiful rivers. These river are the Tigris and Euphrates. We have created the new and improved irrigation system the best watering system there is. We have to much food so help yourself to our bountiful feasts. We promise you wont be hungry with our plants in the fertile soil.

Our Wonder Religion

We believe in the seven gods the Moon god, Sun god, Earth god, Fresh water god, Salt water god, Air god, and the Sky god. We have the beautiful monument called the Ziggurat. We are ruled by the wonderful priests and monarchies.

Our Achievements

We created the first writing and wheel. We use the wonderful chariots for transport. Go on a ride on the boats we have for a nice view of the river. Schedule your events with the priest and use math to solve the greatest problems known to man. Read a book if you want to have some fun.

The Government

We have many city states for you to visit. We have had many kings such as King Sargon who formed the first empire or Hammurabi created the eye for an eye rule. The Assyrians will make you give tribute for the gods love.