Ocean Biome

By: Lindsey Ferkel

Ocean Biome

Info about the Pacific Ocean


It's total area is 179 million square kilometres. The temperature in the water is warm in the beginning of the water, but on the seafloor it is extremely cold. The amounts of dissolved oxygen & salt in the Pacific Ocean is 32 parts per thousand (Saltinity). When the sun and the moon are aligned, the gravitational pull on Earth's water causes Spring Tides. Article:http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215471/ocean_pollution.htmA. Humans are polluting oceans and harming see life.B. Humans should be concerned about the oceans because sea life is becoming extinct that are important. Also when you go on trips to a beach, the waters might not be safe anymore.C. The impact is taking a affect on many people.D. This is occuring in oceans all over the world.E. The human activity that is causing this to happen is pollution to the enviroment.F. About 3 ocans are being affected.G. Tips from the article:-only turn on your boat engine all the way on if you need to-take your boat out only if you need to-store gasoline in places out of direct sunlight so it doesnt evaporate into the air and pollute-buy new or cleaner engines every year for your boat