Erin McKelle

by julian Arroyave

The tough life!

When she was 12 years old, her stepsister touched her in sexually inappropriate ways. she was not only the older sister, but was then left with confusion, shame, anxiety, and guilt. It led to having a intense relationship for about 6 months, that she used to try to heal, which only created more pain.
7 years later, she still feels an incredible amount of shame every time she even thinks about it. It gets worse when she's in circles and spaces dealing with sexual violence, as she questions her past with sexually violence.

She always tried to keep it quite, she never told no one of what had happened except her family. her family never really believed her and weren't concerned about her and her problem. she was always along, with her feelings stuck in her.

But know!

she has worked for a variety of non profit and feminist organizations as a social media moderator, manager, and developer. Some of the organizations she's worked for include "Everyday Feminism, Adios Barbie, and Scenarios USA". she is very interested in expanding her work in social media and social justice!

all she wants to do is be someone big. someone who inspires, someone who can help anybody at all times.
Even thought she had a tough life and it was really hard with her problem growing up! she always just kept it to her self and was along! She managed to grow past that and made her realize that even though something bad happened in her life, to never give up and still make your life as best as you can make it.
Know she is a great person because she inspired people to move on, no matter what kind of problem!
As you can see Erin Mckelle is doing much better know! her biggest focuses are becoming a public speaker and share her advice with the people. She has helped alot of poeple in the world with sirous prblems ! has been an inperation to most teens!

What a hero!

having super powers or being a super hero doesnt make you a hero. a hero is when someone has the guts to stand up for someone or somthing they belive in. maybe helping someone with big problems or doing somthing for someone can make you a hero. no matter if its a simple thing or a big thing if you put all your hard work into somthing can make you a hero. helping others helping your self or just maing things right can make you a big hero