Natural Forces Infographic

Kaylei S.

What Are Natural Forces?

Natural Forces is something us humans cant stop. It's all over the world, no matter if you try to get away from it, you wont. For example, an earthquake. Shaking of the ground, causing damage to the area where it happened. How? One plate goes over the other. Which leads us into place movement. Plate movement is when they either push against each other, one goes over the other, or they slide against on another.

Are Natural Forces Good Or Bad?

Neither, sometimes natural forces are good, sometimes bad. The earth is changing 24/7, small changes, or big changes. A lot of these changes happen because of natural forces. They cause damage to the habitats and the homes where that problem has occurred, but soon its gets fixed, leaving the earth with a new change. What I'm trying to say, is natural forces have changed the world into what it is today. If you were to ask me if I think its bad or good, I would go with bad. But for a certain reason. These natural forces hurt human beings. Their homes, family, pets, agriculture, sometimes culture.

Is there anyway it can be stopped?

Unfortunately, no. The earth does this by its self. It's nothing we can predict or stop.