TGH News Article 1.0

New Redesigns & Custom SFM Posters!

New Redesigns

The redesign stage of the site is finished, now we are outputting it to the site. The redesign includes a new navigation menu, a new logo, and a simpler, more minimal look. Not only with the redesigns, but the CEO Felix Martin made a 1100 line JavaScript-text-based "Choose Your Own Adventure" themed game, featuring attack/defense systems, money & weapon systems, merchants, and a new damage system. All available at The Gaming Hideout.

Poster Requests with the Contact System!

With the contact form being built, when it is finished it will include a new 'Submit Feedback' system, where you fill in a simple short form and, surprisingly, get answered! Not only can you send feedback, report bugs, or just to say hi, you can also request a custom SFM poster made tailored to your request! Be it Half Life, Garry's Mod or Team Fortress 2, any source game can be made into a poster just for you! It can be NSFW (18+) as well, but please point it out in the message of the form.