Fourteen Points

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Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, is pictured above because he is the individual who created the Fourteen Points during his presidency.


Woodrow Wilson by Harris & Ewing. Image is available for use in the public domain.

The Plan

I just want everyone to know,

The reason, the real reason,

Why we are fighting,

And why I propose a plan for peace.

The removal, reduction,

Freedom of navigation,

And the adjustment;

Simple changes for simple peace.

Tall and strong like a tree,

Standing ground,

Never giving up,

Just to come to an end.

Victory is near,

As the words strongly spread,

Although the clashing controversy,

A bright, blooming horizon is in my vision.

Opposition? The points,

Minute and miniscule modifications,

I am forced to finalize,

for a free flying, peaceful country.