Attack On Referee

who's side are you on?

Article 1 by Ryan Poppe

UIL said they aren't going to suspend the John Jay high school from playing any games in the future. A video was caught of two of their players taking out the referee. The school and local police are investigating what had happened and decide the outcome with they have one. This article is a credible source. There are no biased opinions. Only facts are presented in this article. There is a link to what happened so the reader can learn more about what happened.

Article 2 by Abilene Reporter News

In article 2, they claimed it was youthful recklessness, however he straight up hurt the man. It wasn't an accident he made the decision to attack the referee.This article is not a credible source. Only the author's opinion is in this article. The author was very biased about what had happened.

Which One Do I Agree With?

I agree with article 1, written by Ryan Poppe. I agree with this article, because I believe it was unbiased and gave facts not opinions.