Mrs. Dane

Not Surviving

Thirty-eight, rather obese, diabetic, M.A in psychology, counselor in mental health clinic, married to Dr. Dane, has one child

Mrs. Dane is a thirty-eight year old women that is obese and has diabetes. She will sadly not be saved. Her characteristics will not help others on the island survive but will instead be a setback, because they would need to take care of her. Since she has a medical illness that needs certain treatment, it could cause a lot of extra stress with trying to keep her healthy. The treatment that she needs will not be available on the island. It is imperative that the survivors are healthy, because if they can't work around camp then they will not be much help to surviving and possibly getting off the island. Since she is obese, there is a chance that she might not be the most active person, there for she won't be the biggest help with physical activities that they need to be accomplish. Also she has a son, Bobby. If he was to survive and go on the lifeboat, then she would spend all her time taking care of him. He is physically disabled, so that essentially takes out two possible helpers. Mrs. Dane could be beneficial to her husband, Dr. Dane, but only emotionally. Everyone one else is without their loved ones and that is the only way she is helpful.

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