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Faculty Meeting March 25, 2015

Summer School

Criteria for Summer School

1) Math, reading, science/social studies (grades)

2)STAAR reading test in 5th or 8th grade

3)Failing any STAAR test and needing required acceleration

If you want to teach summer school, submit your application to Tankersley by April 14th.

LAMM Summer Work

Complete the google form regarding working on campus this summer.

Friday PLC with Dr. P

Friday, March 27th, 8am-4pm

Testing Room

Tub Check with Dr. Phillips

Gather, Check, Recheck, and Check Again testing materials

Classroom STAAR Sweep-Friday

Leadership team will be checking all classrooms and hallways after school on Friday. All testing areas MUST be STAAR ready by Friday at 4:00


  • Instructional displays
  • Anchor Charts
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Number lines
  • Posters
  • When in doubt...Cover it up!

Clear desks or computer work stations used for testing of books or other materials.
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STAAR Pep Rally April 17th

Grab your pom poms and dancing shoes! Get ready to cheer on our kids with a fun dance. If you want to be a part of the teacher dance, please let Mrs. Pierce know. She needs some "Woppers, Wobblers, and ShimyShakers"

Educational Twitter Chats

Click for list of Twitter Chats

Thank you Mrs. Garrett for the resource!

Never chatted on Twitter...Let #engsschat be your first one!

March 30th 6-7pm

Dr. Glinksi and Lisa Monthie from Waco ISD will be guests

Questions for chat

  1. Which writing strategies would lend themselves to both English and social studies?

  1. How can both English and social studies teachers use writing as a tool for learning content material?

  1. How can both English and social studies teachers increase how much/often students write?

  1. What are some models of good writing both English and social studies teachers could use for students to emulate?

  1. How can social studies teachers quickly and easily assess writing?

  1. Which technology tools help support writing in both English and social studies?