Civil War Projoect

May 2, 2016

Missouri Compromise

Missouri would become the 24th state. Missouri will become a slave state.No new states border of Missouri’s southern border will be allowed to have slaves. Keeps the balance of free and slave states. There was a 36/30 line.

Compromise of 1850

Henry Clay came up with the Compromise of 1850 to satisfy both the North and South. California would be admitted as a free state, but the current Fugitive Slave Law would be strengthened for Southern states. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 would be void, replaced by new territories Utah and New Mexico where the decision of slavery would be left up to popular sovereignty. Finally, the slave trade would be banned in Washington, D.C.

Fugitive Slave Act

The Fugitive Slave Act was first passed in 1793. It allowed local governments to capture and return escaped slaves to their owners and force penalties on anyone who aided in their flight. Extensive resistance to the 1793 law later led to the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which added further supplying regarding runaways and levied even harsher punishments for interfering in their capture.

Uncle Tom's Cabin was published

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This was her way of expressing her views and showing what happens in slavery. Uncle Tom’s Cabin got published in 1852. The book sparked an outrage in the South. Writer would say that no such things happened in slavery and that she was stretching the truth. Within a decade millions of her book were sold and it also caused northerners to to remark that her book created millions more of abolitionists.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

The Kansas and Nebraska Act created two new territories. The two new territories they created were the Kansas and Nebraska territories. They would decide on if they were free or slave states by popular sovereignty.

Dred Scott Decision

In 1856 slave Dred Scott sued for his freedom. His argument was that he became free when he lived in a free territory that his owner took him to. The lower court ordered that Since he was a slave it wouldn’t matter if he was in a free or slave territory because African Americans were not considered citizens under the US Constitution. Stating this they decided that Dred Scott couldn’t file a lawsuit in federal court. Taney tried to question that since he was on free soil he should be free but since he cme back to slave territory it would go by Missouri’s rules.

John Brown’s raid on Harper Ferry

John Brown’s raid began in 1859. It started when when him and his men took over the arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia hoping to be able to start a slave rebellion. He only had twenty men in his army because he tried to recruit slaves to join him but they didn’t show up because they didn’t want to risk getting punished for participating. He failed at his plans and in the end his men were either captured or killed and Brown was captured, tried, and sentenced to death.

Election of 1860

Four candidates Stephen Douglas, John Bell, Abraham Lincoln, and John Breckenridge run for president. Lincoln was strangely elected but not many people were happy about it. One reason it was strange is because he didn't get a single vote from the southern states. The south see that they are loosing power because all of Lincoln's notes either came from California or the North-East.

South Secedes

The South starts to secede from the union. They wanted to secede from the union in reaction to Lincoln being elected. With Lincoln as president they feared that the government would try to destroy the southern economy. They also thought they were trying to ruin their way of life. It was said that Lincoln wanted to get rid of the way the south lived (slavery).
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