Nathan Harding

5 themes of meography


Absolute location: 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

relative location: Albany Minnesota By county road 54


In my house we have a living room upstairs. we have a patio in the front. A TV room upstairs. mine, my brothers, and my parents room are all downstairs. And we have a deck.

We all have closets. I have an eliptical


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Albany is a very nice town and is around st. cloud and Sauk centre. There is 2 elementary schools and a high school. There is a park named north park and a lake called north lake. Albany is home to the annual Pioneer Days.

Human envirnmental interaction

I adapt to land by deer hunting in warm clothes

I modify the land by digging holes in the woods and making igloos outside to stay warm when i play outside.

I depend on the sun and rain for us to grow are tomatoes and for farmers to grow just in general.

My parents drive from place to place most of the time.

I have souvenirs from other counties like a bobble head turtle from Africa.

I like to communicate with the world on social media like snap chat and Instagram.


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The midwest has lots of rivers and farming land.

There are hundreds of farms and silos across the midwest.