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Sun Edition

October 14, 2016

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Our Noteworthy Week in a Nutshell

This week we continued our study of maps. We moved slightly away from buildings, and focused more on the other features maps can show us, both manmade and natural.

The teachers put up big giant wall-sized maps in the hallway, and then we explained to each of our classes that we would be working together to create a map with the other rooms. In each room we had the students construct the different items and then add them to the map. They painted black roads, used wavy rollers with variations of blue for bodies of water, collected leaves on a nature walk to symbolize trees, and then decorated individual houses for themselves. Their creativity and design really make the map unique! Next to the AM map is the PM map, so it is also interesting for both sessions of students to see the other, and it generates good comparing and contrasting conversation.

I am not including pictures of the maps so that you can come and take a look yourself during conferences next week!

The students were thrilled that the easel was open to paint. Since opening the discovery table to practice cutting, many students have gotten much more comfortable cutting. This was helpful when they were working roads, rivers, lakes, and ponds for the map.

In the other centers, maps remained. I kept them engaging by adding different sets of vehicles, people, and animals to explore the maps and towns in different ways. Students seem to deepen their understanding of map keys, and using maps to "travel." You'll hear about their application of these skills during cooking and conversation, which was really amazing to observe!

But as you'll see below, sometimes maps just make you crazy and you need students to ask you to pretend to be a potato head.. Happy to oblige ;)

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A Word From our Specialists...

Cooking and Conversation with Ms. Gerber

This week in Cooking & Conversation we continued our investigation of maps. The students used maps of the classroom to locate the hidden ingredients necessary for a trail mix recipe. To do this, the children worked in small groups to interpret the map key to identify different furniture and areas of the classroom and then hunted for their ingredients. In completing this task the class reviewed the some of the newer vocabulary such as map key and birds eye view as well as spatial concepts such as next to, in front of, behind, and across from. The Young Explorers really seemed to enjoy this week’s activity and did a great job using their new map skills.

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Caring Community with Ms. Gurwin

The Second Step theme of the week is following directions. We started our lesson by practicing our listening rules song and discussed that the students are following directions by using their eyes to watch the teacher, their ears to listen to the information, etc. We also did the hokey pokey to practice following the directions in the song. The students learned that they follow directions all day!


Mrs. Blair was out this week. With her sub, we watch some fun videos we could sing along to! A unique version of the wheels on the bus, and then a fun song about bugs. The kids really enjoyed the songs and dancing, although I'm sure they will be more excited about having Mrs. Blair back next week.
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Next Up!


Isabel's Family

I will have a sign up at conferences for the upcoming weeks. After next week, every family will have brought snack at least one week, so we can sign up for the next 8, or if you each sign up for 2 weeks, we can cover the next 16 weeks.

Mystery Explorer

None (No school Friday)
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Need-to-Know Dates

Conferences October 19 & 20

You should be able to log back into the system if you forgot when you signed up. You can also call our secretary Nancy, she has a master schedule. Can't wait to see you all!
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Friday October 21st

No School (Teacher Institute)

Monday October 24th

Field Trip to River Trail Nature Center!

  • Sherpas will need to be checked into the office by 9:00 AM
  • We should be returning to school around 10:30 or 10:45
  • Lauren Walker, you are the first Sherpa! If for some reason you cannot join us please let me know and I will reach out to the next on the list.

Monday October 31st

Halloween Parade from 10:30 to 10:50
  • All parents welcome!

Halloween Room Party from 10:50 to 11:20

  • Party Stewards are Maureen Guziec, Gloria Yang, and Angela Anetsberger
  • These are the only parents allowed to attend the party
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Next Week: No Motif!

Time to Reset

We sure have had a lot of action in room 154 these past few weeks, and let me tell you, we've got some really amazing themes planned next. However, for the shortened week with conferences, we are going to do a reset. All the areas of the classroom will go back to normal and we will focus back on general play rules like sharing, turn taking, remembers to clean up, etc... It will also give the students some time to process everything we've done so far, and make room in those ever growing brains for what's to come.

Hint: Time to think more globally...

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