loggerhead sea turtle

Caretta caretta

Even though the loggerhead sea turtle is one of the most abundant sea turtles, it still is endangered. Here are a few facts about the turtles and why they are endangered


  • Weight- Adult- 250 lb, Hatchling- .05 lb
  • Appearance- Adult- reddish-brown, semi heart shaped top shell, pale yellow bottom shell, large head with strong jaws, Hatchling- brownish to dark gray top shell, yellow bottom shell
  • Diet- jellyfish, conch, crabs, whelk, and fish
  • Size- adults are about 36 in long or 3 ft
  • Habitat- bays, lagoons, salt marshes, creeks, ship channels, the mouths of large rivers, coral reefs, rocky places, and ship wrecks
  • Location- eastern U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, Greater Antilles, and Yucatán

why it is endangered

The reasons why the loggerhead sea turtle is endangered include: loss and degradation of nesting places, the disorientation of hatchlings by beachfront lighting, predators killing their nests (native and non-native predators), ocean debris and pollution, disease, accidental removal from channel dredging and commercial trawling, longline, and gill net fisheries, and the accidental removal of juvenile loggerheads by longline fishing.

Source: http://www.fws.gov/northflorida/seaturtles/turtle%20factsheets/loggerhead-sea-turtle.htm