World History Weekly

The CP Edition for 4.8.16

First, Greetings!

Hi! My name is John Mason and I'd like for this to serve as a more formal greeting and introduction as I have formally taken over as the full time replacement for Mr. Walter in your student's World History CP class. Luckily in these classes there has been consistency with both Ms. O'Hara and Ms. Maas throughout the school year and I look forward to getting to know and working with your student for the remainder of the year.

Coming up next

We will move our focus towards the Industrial Revolution, which started in Britain during the 19th century. We encourage you to try to learn a little about it yourself so that you can engage your student at home with content from class. This week we have focused on finishing up the French Revolution and then reviewing and taking the Quarterly for the 3rd MP. Try some of the following questions to engage your student at home:

  • What are the 4 components of culture?
  • Describe 1-2 different types of government such as a dictatorship or a democracy.
  • Where did civilization first start? Why did it start there?