Only A Matter Of Time...

Aftermaths Of Stealing

It doesn't matter of who and how. Its only a matter of when it happens. Everyone is a target for stealing. And just like every decision you make in life...there are always going be consequences. But what exactly what are the consequences of stealing? We asked a CHS student ..."Its probably getting either a detention or ISS." To a regular student, that would be the case. It's actually a lot more than that. If you get caught for stealing or got away with it, there are always aftermaths...


What are the Aftermaths of Stealing?

1. You will get caught. And if you don't, you could have lasting feelings of guilt. Even if you are the type of person who doesn't fit in either categories, perhaps the stealing will happen to you.

2. If you continue stealing habits up, it may lead to more serious forms of stealing, like robbing a bank, stealing from a store, or even indirectly, by stealing information. Just about anything that you take isn't yours can be considered stealing, from cheating off of a test to stealing money to stealing a person away from someone else, relationship-wise.

3. If you are religious, stealing is generally perceived in all religions that it is wrong and sinful.

4. Stealing can ruin your reputation and ultimately your goals in life. Crimes will be recorded in crime records and jobs will be reluctant to accept employees that do not carry responsibility and are mistrustful. Trust is not only crucial to a relationship between friends; it can damage your own reputation in society.