What's GROWing On?

News from the MSHS Greenhouse


The Environmental Science 2 students in Mrs. Descalzi's second block class are working hard to plant seeds and care for them... and... the seeds are ACTUALLY GROWING!

Call it the luck of the Irish, but we are seeing green out in the greenhouse and GREEN IS GOOD!

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Ready for Sale! Get 'em while they last...

Peas and Beans

Our Super Snappy and Little Marvel Pea plants are ready to go home with you next week. Since these plants are cool-weather varieties, they can go right into the ground now, even if the weather gets colder and it *gasp* snows again. For just $4 you can take home a 6-pack of plants and be harvesting your own peas in the beginning of April. Incomplete 6-packs are available for $3 but quantities are limited, so please see me as soon as possible starting next week.

Green Bean plants are also ready... These were only planted in single, 6" pots, so the price is $2 per plant. Again, we have limited quantities available but would like to see them go home before Spring Break, so don't wait or else Mrs. Descalzi's children will have to eat beans at every meal...

Flower Power

On track for Mother's Day...

Our flowers are growing quickly and should be ready for sale before Mother's Day (which is May 8th)... Watch your inbox for the first "What's GROWing On?" newsletter after Spring Break for more information and pricing.

The "Back of the House"

History, Facts & Inspiration...

In our "Back of the House" feature we will be spotlighting the history on some of the different varieties currently being grown in the greenhouse. We hope to provide some interesting facts that you may not have known about different plants as well as provide inspiration to seek out these varieties for yourself.


M.C. Byles, known as "Radiator Charlie", developed this tomato in the early 1930s in Logan, West Virginia by crossbreeding four of the largest-fruited tomatoes he could find. The tomato gets its interesting name because he sold the offspring plants for one dollar each and was able to pay off the $6,000 mortgage on his house with his profits.

The 'Mortgage Lifter' takes 80 days to reach full maturity, produces five to ten large tomatoes per plant and needs full sun, moist, fertile and well drained soil. These tomatoes are known for their large size and rich flavor and the plants are productive, disease resistant and continue to bear until fall frost.

Our crop was planted on March 15th so they should reach full maturity in plenty of time for LaTorre Hardware's annual Big Tomato contest held every year since 1993 in the third week of August...

Salad Bowl Update

Getting Close...

The Salad Bowl is growing quite rapidly these days. We are getting close to maturity and our first harvest and tasting in class. Sometimes it's nice to see the progress over time so above are photos from seven, 14 and 24 days after the Mesclun mix was planted. The packet said that the blend reaches maturity at 30 days, which for us will occur over Spring Break, so our first harvest and tasting will be when we return the week of April 4th - at approximately 39 days after we planted. We can't wait!

Millville Senior High School Greenhouse

Student-grown plants sold to benefit science department scholarships for graduating seniors.