Great Grandpa/Grandma

By:Ethan Kramer

About Walter Horace Shumate

Walter Horace Shumate was born in June 26th 1918. He died December 14th 2001.Walters job was farming (local farmer). He was married to Rose Conley. Rose conley was born February 12,1925. She was a housewife and helped on the farm and cooked at school. His kids: John Shumate is the only i know. Daughter in law: Chris Shumate.

Things that happened in 1918

US House of Representatives passes amendment allowing women to vote.
The Civil war ended.
In 1918 Baseball was legal in Washington,DC
Cleves Bill Bradley is the first person to hit 4 conclusive home runs

Due to WW I, 15th World Series begins a month early