Join us on Earth!

Earth gave you life, now you must reciprocate

What Earth Looks Like

As you can see, Earth is very beautiful with swirling green and blue colors from space but it is a lot more when you get to the surface!

Well why do I want to visit Earth?

Well for starters Earth is 71% water which will guarantee you some fun relaxing beach time! Earth also contains many attractions such as zoos with many exotic animals, aquariums with lots of interesting fish and aquatic animals and most of all, theme parks! One of the biggest attraction on Earth is theme parks like Disney World, Carowinds and Six Flags! These parks include rides like roller coasters and even romantic rides!

Facts About the Earth and the Solar System

The Earth has a diameter of 12,756 km. That is pretty big! The Earth has one moon which we call the moon or Luna. The moon causes the tides on Earth. Some unique features of Earth are oceans, mountains and a habitable atmosphere. The Earth also has seasons. The seasons are caused by the tilt of Earth's axis tilted towards or away from the sun. The seasons names are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Earth moves in two ways; rotation and revolution. Rotation is when the Earth spins on it's axis daily which causes day and night. A full rotation takes about 24 hours. A revolution is when the Earth fully orbits the sun. This takes 365.25 days. This .25 adds up every year causing a leap year. A leap year is a year that has an extra day. The energy in our solar system come from the sun in the form of nuclear fusion. This travels to us as heat and light. Have you every wondered why all the planets in this solar system are spherical? Well the answer to this is that the planets have enough mass and gravity to overcome the rigid, flat form they would be without their mass and gravity. Light years are an interesting topic because while part of the name is years, it is actually a distance and not a time. A light year is basically the distance light can travel in a year (about 6 trillion miles). Our solar system was formed when a gravity pulled dust and gas together which then formed our solar system.

Different Views of the Earth

This Brochure By: Mitch Kent