US History

What have we been up to?

Unit 1

We've been talking early US History and what influenced our Founding Parents as they shaped our nation after a failed Articles of Confederation. We have also been looking at how the Constitution relates to our everyday lives. We are currently talking amendments and how they apply to our lives. (It's all about the application to our lives!) Next up: Expansion in the US!

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Expansion in the US

We examined the Louisiana Purchase this week before our assessment. Next, we will be looking at our desire to move west and the trials and tribulations that are associated with that desire.
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Unit 2

We have started learning about the early 1800's and the struggle for westward expansion of our nation. We have also discussed how early americans believed in Manifest destiny, the belief that it is America's destiny to own all of what we now call the USA.

The Trail Of Tears

We've looked at the harsh treatment of Indians due to our nation's drive to expand westward and the way that the Indian Removal Act led to the death of millions of Indians on the Trail of Tears.
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