Caterpillar Newsletter


Happy New Year! Let’s start 2016 with peace and happiness in the world.

Thank you to all of our families for the thoughtful and generous gifts and most importantly for the warm holiday wishes.

We hope you all had a relaxing and joyous holiday break. The children are ready to be back to school, in a routine and with their buddies. It’s so good to see everyone happy.

Plan for January:

- Continue with letter and sound lessons.

- Introduce scissors and cutting activities.

- Sing lots of songs and play group games.

- Lots of sorting activities (shape, color and size).

- Sensory activities, like playdough making.

... and many more fun activities that we might come up.

We have several fun events planed for the month of January. Please, look at the main page for the dates those events will happen.

Thank You- Miss Neringa