Are You Ready for the 2nd Coming?!?

How Chicken Pox may still be affecting you!!

Herpes Zoster!!!

Have you been experiencing any muscle weakness, blurred vision, and/or Headaches?? If so you may be suffering from a disease called Shingles or Herpes Zoster. This disease is basically chicken pox 2.0 and can affect any age group! So if you have noticed any of these symptoms contact your local physician to prevent this virus from attacking your immune system!

Additional Symptoms!

There are many other symptoms related to this disease. Which include:
  • One sided pain, tingling, and blurring which can be severe. (Before Rash)
  • Red patches of skin can form, followed by blistering.
  • Blisters can break then forming sores.
  • Typically the rash occurs on your spine, chest, and belly but, may include your face, eyes, ears, and mouth.
  • Along with many more symptoms!!!!!!!!!!