A Dare Devil

By Taylor Briggs


Who was this dare devil who saved John Smith, who married John Rolfe, Pocahontas that's who. She moved away from her family to be with her new husband. Pocahontas was part of the Algonquin tribe, her life was pretty different. They collected their food and hunted it. They ate fish, corn, plants, and berries they gathered. Her community was different than other tribes, other tribes lived in tepee's well most of them did, but the Algonquin lived in wigwams. Pocahontas was a brave girl who saved John Smith, married John Rolfe, and also moved to England where she could be with John Rolfe.

Her Tribe's Lifestyle

Pocahontas had a very unique life with her food, weapons, and community. The tribe didn't do much farming, they hunted and gathered most of their food. They ate fish, meat, berries, and wild plants. They used bows, arrows, spears, and knives to get food. They also set traps to catch small animals and deer. Most indians lived in tepee's, but her tribe lived in wigwams. The algonquin indians lived all throughout Michigan and Canada.

Saving John Smith

Pocahontas didn't have to save John Smith, but she just didn't have the heart to let him die. Pocahontas saved John Smith by simply taking his head and hands and holding them. John smith was a captain and adventurer. As being a adventurer he had to struggle in severe weather, indian attacks, starvation, and threats. Pocahontas saved John Smith because she didn't have the heart to let him die because of the Indian's rules.

Life in England

Pocahontas met and married John Rolfe an English man.They moved to England and then had their child, Thomas Rolfe. They moved because John Rolfe was an English man and had a job in England. Pocahontas never moved back to the Algonquin tribe. Pocahontas had a good life with her husband, and in England.


Pocahontas was a dare devil. She saved John Smith from a spike ball that was about to kill him. She had a different life style. Moved to England, and started a family. Married John Rolfe an English man. When she saved John Smith she risked her life for his. Pocahontas was a good woman. Pocahontas died at age 22.