Healthy Skin Matters

I remember one time, I was watching news on television and there was a news about two famous cosmetic centers that fought each other and throwing bad accusations with each other. The patient who underwent surgery from one of the centers accused them of medical malpractice because of the damages that he had. Then, he went to the other center, and the doctor of that center encouraged the said patient to file a case against them. I laughed silently, why? This patient paid a large amount of money to the first center who treated him, and then, nothing happens, instead, it caused damages to his body. Then, afterwards, he went to the other center or clinic, and paid again a large amount of money just to treat the damages. And then, here he is, spending again his money for the case and court trial and of course for the attorney’s fees.

I think, he was just wasting his money for these nonsense things. Why did I say nonsense? Of course, he should have been saving his money for his future or for the future of his family, or investing for a business. He was very eager to have changes in his body without thinking wisely. Maybe, he was not contented for what he is. Maybe, he wanted to be an actor, so he really strove hard to get the body he wanted. He should know that there are ways to be beautiful naturally.

For an ordinary people like us, we always come to realize the importance of good health to our body because this will serve as our capital to earn quality living. We need to be wise in treating our body. We don’t need to abuse our body, and make changes that will eventually lead to heartaches and regrets.

Contentment and inner joy give us everlasting youthful beauty that needs not to be changed. Stop comparing yourself to others. This will give you pain inside your heart and you may start to question why you were made this way and not like them. And then, you will strive very hard to earn lots of money so that you can pay for a professional to change the qualities that you hate in your body.

Just like I’ve said one time, you have all the freedom, you are the boss over your body. But you have to love your body. Have a change for the better, not for the worst.

How to be healthy: your skin matters!