Planning a trip to Toronto

World MasterCard Fashion Week

Monday, Oct. 19th, 1am to Friday, Oct. 23rd, 1am

215 King Street West

Toronto, ON

This show is one of the most important events that take place in Toronto. Some of the designers that will be there are Lucian Martis, Bustle, Pink Tartan, Ashtiani, Mikhael Kale, and etc. Maybelline New York and MasterCard are the host of the events.

Planning the Trip

To be able to go on a trip to Toronto during the World MasterCard Fashion Show, I would have to plan every aspect as far as my stay in the city. Below is what I expect to pay while I am there.

Plane Tickets (Charlotte NC to Toronto Canada)= $380

Baggage fee= $60

Hotel fees= $1100 ($150 a night)

Food= $300

Rental Car= $130

Gas= $100

Passport renewal= $40