Afghanistan News

Hi this Brayden Magnussen and I'm reporting on Afghanistan.

I choose Afghanistan because it's really hot there and has many special landmarks to find an discover yet. Another reason is that it's mainly covered up with rugged mountains.


Casbahs is the older section of a town that is nearly poor and has nearly any resources. People struggle to find a home to live in and find food for there family.

Brayden's report


Fellahin is when farmers in Egypt who live in villages and work on small plots of land that they rent from landowner. They have to ask to rent for the land or else that is called stealing and they could get arrested for doing that.

Who were the Berbers?

They were they first people known to live in north to Africa. They were known that because they were the first people to ever go there and to a make living and grow crops so they could live.

List 3 of Egypts main crops?

Egypts three main important crops are Sugar canes,grains,vegetables. They are important because to grow more and to eat it with there family so they have food in the stomach.

What does "OPEC" stand for?

OPEC stands for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. This is where they have food delivered to them and they export it to another country for continent that is running low on supplies.