The Doctrine Daily's

By: Devon Austin

All About the Monroe Doctrine

World power, that’s our nickname. The United States began its growth with several events and had put America in this position that is today's world. These events included The Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine expressed the famous policies. It was a response to all the threats that was caused from the European powers. One of the Europeans included France who was helping Spain recover the Latin American colonies that had declared their independence from them. But Monroe and Adams wouldn't let them succeed, they wanted the Latin America land so that they were able to expand as a place to trade and invest. The British had offered to unite with U.S but Adam and Monroe refused the offer because they wanted to act by themselves. Because of this, Adam and Monroe made this Policy and issued that European monarchies were not allowed to disturb or invade into the business of American Republics. As for the U.S they were not allowed to interfere with European affairs. Since the refusal from the U.S. for British alliance and border issues between British Guiana and Venezuela, there soon became a great amount of tension between the two countries, they claimed that Britain Violated the Monroe Doctrine. Later their relation improved because British accepted a growing cycle of influence in Latin America that U.S had on it. The Monroe Doctrine was a success to keep the counties in order and the U.S in much greater power.