The amazing race!

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Flight distances

Miami flight distance to London 4472.56miles/7197.89km

London to Cape Town 5912.87miles/9515.84km

Cape Town to Tokyo 9119.46miles/14676.35km

Tokyo to Perth 4816.15 miles/7750.84km

Perth to Salvador 10430.61 miles/16786.45km

Salvador to Dallas 1405.03 miles/2261.17km

City descriptions


Miami,u.s.a. known as the second most humid place in the u.s..Located in the mouth of the Miami river and celebrates two popular traditions,first they celebrate a well known tradition known as "Groundhog day: which is on the second of February any year.Next they also celebrate a popular tradition named "The fourth of July" which is it says the fourth of July.Miami is located south east of Hialeah and it's absolute location is 25 degrees 45n/80 degrees 11w.

London,United Kingdom

During summer London can reach high temperatures with July as the hottest month which averages to a temperature of 66 F.London is also home of England's capital and River Thames.London has some traditions that you might not know even existed such as "Maypole dancing"and "Strawbear."London is south east of Wembley and it's absolute location is 51 degrees 30n/0 degrees 7w.
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Capetown,West Africa

Capetown is a town that matches the seasons like on winters it's wet and cool,and on summer it's warm and dry.The city's center[point from which an activity is processed or directed]is located to the right of table mountain and it's separated from it's escarpment.[separated land at different heights]Capetown also celebrates traditions traditions that we might not know about like "Day of Reconciliaton" on the 16 of December and "Human Rights Day" on the second of March.Capetown is west of Stellenbosch and it's absolute value is 33 degrees 55s/18 degrees 25 e.
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Tokyo lies in the humid subtropical climate zone and has hot humid summers and mild winters.Several continental plates meet in Japan so they get a lot earthquakes and most of Japan gets hit by rainy seasons.Japan celebrates two pretty sweet traditions like the "The tea ceremony"and the "Cherry blossoms ceremony". Also Tokyo is north east of Yokohama and it's absolute location is 35 degrees 41n/139 degrees 41e.
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Perth,West Australia

Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia and it has clear blue skies 70 percent of the year.

It has many deserts and a lot of water[somehow] and it also has beautiful scenery.It celebrates "Boxing Day" on the 26th of December and it also celebrates "Australia Day" also on the 26th but on January. Perth is north east of Fremantle and it's absolute value is 31 degrees 57s/115 degrees 51e.

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Salvador has rainy seasons May all the way to October and it has tropical climate.It's country,Brazil is home to a well known river,the amazon river and also Brazil's coastline stretches 7,491 kilometers.Brazil also celebrates "Children's day" and it celebrates "All souls day". Salvador is south west of Honduras and it's absolute location is 13 degrees 47n/88 degrees 53 w.
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Dallas is north east of Forth worth and it's absolute location is 32 degrees 46n/96 degrees 47w.
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Task 1


Tour guide

Teams must learn everything they can about river Thames in less than twenty minutes or less and than they have to tell tourists cruising around river Thames everything they can about river Thames also if they don't impress the tourists the tourists could leave and the team that has the most tourists stay wins.It shows the tourists visual about the river it's history and how they will view it when the teams tell them most about it.

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Task 2


Lion hiking

Teams must hike to the top of lion's head mountain [2,195 feet] and come back down before other teams do.This relates to history because Lion's head mountain was name by 17th century dutch people and it's the oldest mountain there.

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Task 3


Shop 'till your broke

Teams must travel to the Ginza district and buy as much as they can in ten minutes.[The Ginza district is the busiest shopping area in Japan.]This also relates to viewing because Japan might have clothes that are popular in Japan,like japans style of clothe is really famous and people will be like,"wow,that's really good!"

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Task 4


"It's fishy time."

Teams must catch 15 fish while on a boat in swan river,after that they must kayak they're way back to land and if the teams don't make it back in less than fifteen minutes they will have to restart but this time they have to catch five minutes.

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Task 5


It's break time

Teams must got o one of Brazil's beaches and build a sand castle near the ocean that is one feet tall and if kids ask if they could play with it the teams must lend it to them no hold a shorter sand castle.

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