Spotlight on Willis Techy Teachers!

Volume IX- March 7, 2014

What a crazy week!

Between the interesting Texas weather and Benchmarks, this week has been super exciting and challenging. Somehow we all got through it and even threw in some technology along the way!

PowToon! Featuring: Ms. Ann Baker

Ann Baker, a Social Studies Teacher at Lynn Lucas, used PowToon with her students this week. If you have not seen PowToon, it is an awesome tool which allows students to create cartoon/animated presentations. Ms. Baker's students used PowToon to define monsoons and share how they impact the region. Please view one of her students' presentation by clicking the button below.

Tablets! Featuring: Ms. Debra Buckner

Ever since Ms. Buckner, a 5th grade teacher at Cannan, has received her tablets she can't stop talking about them or using them. Ms. Buckner was quoted as saying "Will wonders never cease! I have mastered some technology! This iceberg has finally broken loose and sailed on the technology sea!"

Tablets! Tablets! Tablets!

The elementary iCoaches have been hard at work passing out new tablets to their teachers. Last week, teachers at Cannan, Hardy and Turner received enough tablets to give each homeroom teacher a set of five. This week it was Meador's and Parmley's turn! They also received "hands on" training on how to use their tablets.

T3: Math Technology in the Classroom

One of our iCoaches, Larry Moore, hosted a very informative T3 training this week. Math teachers from Lynn Lucas, Brabham and Willis High School met in an informal, panel discussion on Thursday. The teachers were sharing technology tools, lesson plans and more. This was Larry's first panel discussion, but after the great results, we hope to see more in the future!

New Websites We Love!

One of our Techy Teacher friends has requested that we share websites that we have found to be useful. We will try and send some out each week. Here is our list for this week:

Twitter - It's not just for kids! The iCoaches find all kinds of great resources just by checking our twitter feeds. We have developed a great PLN (Personal Learning Network). Contact your iCoach to find out more about how to harness the power of twitter!

Teachers Pay Teachers - If you haven't been on this site you need to visit soon! This site is created by teachers, for teachers. There are many free activities, but there are also activities that only cost $1. It is money well spent! - We all love youtube, but we can't control everything associated with it. If you go to this site and paste a youtube link, you will get a new SAFE link with no comments and no related videos. It is just a nice, clean way to view youtube videos.

Brought to you by:

Tink Jones, Jean Eaton, Larry Moore, Pat Perez and Courtney Brown