Japan's Creation

Japan is seperated from the east coast of Asia. It is the size of Montana. Legend says, Japan was created from the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. Japan was found by Emperor Jimmu. Jimmu started the line of emperors that remain today.


Festivals in Japan are at it's best. With approximately 100,000 festivals a year. The Hot Springs are be far the most popular activity in Japan. Hot Springs are considered a way relax and connect with nature. Game Arcades is a place where people like to gamble.


Kaitenzushi: is a sushi restaurant where sishi dishes sit on a conveyor and customers are free to pick up sushi at any time.

Ramen-ya: Is a noodle dish served with several toppings like, stir-fried bean sprouts, cabbage, sweet corn, and ground beef.

Mikawa Zezankyo: Is vegetables and seafood served straight from a deep-fried wok. (Wok: round-bottomed cooking vessel)

Activities for Kids

Nara Park, Nara: This place is full of 1,500 wild deer. Children are allowed to feed the deer, Senbei. Senbei is baked or grilled Japanese Rice Crackers.

Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba: Tokyo Disneyland is a large theme park based off of Disneyland, Magic Kingdom. It has 7 different areas with attractions for every age group.

Tokyo DisneySea, Chiba: It was built to be more appeal to adults but still has special features designed for children.

Activities for Adults

Nightlife: Japanese Cities offer impressive Nightlife options. Tokyo's restaurants, bars, pubs, izakaya and clubs are always busy every night of the week. (Izakaya: A Bar or restaurants that serve high end beer and food)

Karaoke: They offer private rooms and food.

Tokyo's Skyline: Tokyo is so large that it doesn't have one skyline.... It has many. It has several good spots to view Tokyo.

Current Activities

Japan is using 778 billion yen extra budget to rebuild the South West of Japan. 788 billion Yen = $7,164,563.10) Japan is currently suffering many earthquakes.