DWA- Goliath Bird-eating spider

By: Klayton Harmon

The largest known spider in the world

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Goliath Bird-eating spider

I chose to research the Goliath bird-eating spider because the name sounded very interesting. This spider seemed like it would have very unique characteristics and qualities because of how it looks and what it eats.

Vertebrate or Invertebrate?

The Goliath bird-eating spider is an invertebrate. This means that the spider lacks a backbone which vertebrates have.

Scientific name- Theraphosa blondi

The word theraphosa is a Greek word meaning beast. Leblondi is a Latin word which means light, which refers to the color of the spider.

Why was it called the bird eating spider?

Habitat of the spider and its job in the environment

The Goliath bird eating spider is mainly found in South America within rainforests. The spider will usually stay around wet swamps and marshy areas. The spider was actually first discovered earring humming bird. In these areas , they usually live in burrows underground which the spider themselves dig. The niche of the Goliath bird eating spider is similar to other spiders, which is to control the insect population. They are also a good food source for snakes and bigger birds.

Unique adaptations of the Goliath bird eating spider

The Goliath bird eating spider has to show its dominance in the environment and has adapted to it by hissing at predators and rubbing their legs together to make a noise. This way they have learned to defend themselves. The Goliath bird eating spider has also learned to use its hairs as a defense mechanism. The skins are very irritating to skin and also help the spider move around since the hairs also act as sensors.
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Human uses of the Goliath bird eating spider

The Goliath bird eating spider can be seen in aquariums and are observed by humans everyday. Since they are considered the biggest spider (the mass of the spider) in the world, they are very fascinating to look at. Another use of the spider is actually being eaten. People in South America actually eat Goliath bird eating spiders roasted!

Conservation status

The Goliath bird eating spider is not endangered but recently Tarantula populations have been slowly decreasing to habitat destruction and also the use of pesticides. Tarantulas usually eat insects and pesticides have effected tarantulas since they prey on insects. Now their is no needed action but if this keeps up, there might be a problem in he future.

Interesting facts about the Goliath bird eating spider

- The Goliath bird eating spider is considered the biggest spider in the world when considered the to mass of the spider but some experts don't consider it like that because they think other spider leg length make the other spiders bigger.

- The Goliath bird eating spider will almost never run from a fight, so if you threatened one, it's best if you just go away because the spider won't.

- They are one of the very few species that will rub their legs together to make a hissing noise to threaten prey or scare predators and they are considered harmless to humans. The bite from the spider will be similar to the sting of a bee or wasp.

- The Goliath bird eating spider got its name from explorers who found it eating a hummingbird, but most Goliath bird eating spiders eat insects, snakes, rodents, and maybe smaller birds. They aren't usually found eating hummingbirds and bigger birds.

- The female won't eat the male she mates with like most other spider species do.

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Similarities- Goliath bird eating spiders have large fangs and also have hairy legs just like the toy

Differences- Goliath bird eating spiders don't have patters on top, they have hair and the color of the bird eating spider isn't purple

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Quick quiz

Why do some scientists not consider the Goliath bird eating spider the biggest one?

What makes the Goliath bird eating spider different from othe spiders when mating?