Tomorrow, When the War Began

By John Marsden

Text Prediction based on Book Covers

My opinion why this cover is the most effective is that it has a peaceful aura, because of the ferris wheel, but once we see the planes, we find that it might rather violent since planes are mainly associated with the army.


Diary of a person from the Showground (Ellie's mother)

Friday 26th January 1993,

If you are reading this, then you have found my diary. I just think everyone to know what happened here so you can be prepared if it happens again. So here I go.

We just about go home from the Commemoration Day show in Wirrawee, and I was worried about Ellie (my daughter), I had begged my husband if we could go home early just because I wanted to. I really didn’t understand why Ellie didn’t want to come. Yeah, I agreed to let her go camping with her friends but I was really worried about her. I just had this feeling that something bad was going to happen. We stayed a little bit longer, after my husband convinced me.

After what seemed like 100 rides and 200 times we decided to buy food, we heard a loud roar, when we looked up at the sky, there were huge army jets tearing across the sky. We all thought they were jets coming back from the Commemoration Day parade. But I never knew our jets looked like this. And surprisingly, they weren’t our jets, because when they landed, people came out and they didn’t look anything like our soldiers. But for some reason, we all didn’t seem bothered, curious or scared even when we heard over the loudspeaker, “Get down on the ground! Don’t even think about moving!” but we did get scared when we went to go to the car and we saw soldiers at the gate and when we attempted to walk out they stopped us, shook their heads and pushed us back in. We were all officially scared and I was even more worried about Ellie and her friends. Everyone got down quickly on their knees and waited. Anyone who tried to escape was either shot or tortured.

All the while we were there, I just kept on praying that Ellie and her little gang weren’t caught. Suddenly I heard a rumour that was saying seven children, teenagers, local teenagers, had killed a few soldiers, and before even thinking, I knew it was Ellie, and I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, Ellie was fine, but then I realised that they could be caught or worse, killed. I just hoped that everything was alright. I looked over to Fi’s parents who sat next to us, and I think they guessed that it was Ellie’s group as well.

We had an adequate amount of food to eat, it wasn’t like past wars, where they had practically nothing to eat just scraps. We had the prize cakes, the vegetables and so much more stuff. But hardly anyone could eat. I think they were all worried what the soldiers were going to do to them after the war was over. For every meal we lined up and got even meals. Sometimes we got less, but no one dared to argue with the soldiers.

We heard that if America got involved then this war then it would get really bloody. So we hoped that America wouldn’t get involved. Everyday we hoped that everything would be alright and we would get to see Ellie again.

Dear Reader, if you find this, please give this to Ellie. I want her to know what it was like for us and that we will always love her.

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Fi at the start of the book is rather naive and gets easily scared. But then at the end of the novel, she becomes more independent and brave. She also becomes more interested in farming and is really interested in becoming a rural from the pampered, oblivious girl she was at the start of the novel. "The hours ground slowly on. Fi even slept for twenty minutes or so. I could hardly believe it, although when I challenged her she denied furiously that she'd even closed her eyes." (269)


Homer becomes extremely responsible that Ellie and the group get really surprised. He shows leadership and comes up with all their plans. At the start of the book he's a prankster who doesn't care if anyone gets hurt. "Luckily she didn't mention Homer's latest trick: he'd just been caught pouring a line of solvent across the road and lighting it from his hiding place when a car got close. He'd done it half a dozen times before he got caught." (13)

But he shows leadership and commitment at the end of the story "The rest of us don't know the word 'fear'. Kevin can't even spell it. We know no feelings." (240-241)


Ellie is the narrator of the story so the story is from her point of view. At the start of the book Ellie is keen, and a sensible character. She is the best writer out the group and is apparently chosen to write about their story. "very sensible" (13) At the end of the book, Ellie becomes brave and curious as well as not showing that she was suffering for what she did. "I had pain in every part of me, first in the legs, but then in the chest, then the back, the arms, the throat, the mouth. I burned, I felt sick, I ached." (93)


Kevin is a typical rural and likes taking the credit for everything. He can be rather careless but thinks the world about Corrie. "Typical rural.... known for having a big ego and taking credit for everything." (14) But at the end of the book he becomes caring and selfless. "No. I don't give a stuff what's rational and what's logical. Corrie's my mate (281)


Corrie and Ellie are best friends, they've known each other their whole lives and when she starts going out with Kevin, she doesn't go anywhere without him "More absorbed in each other than the scenery" (22). At the end of the book, Corrie becomes braver and more independent, and Ellie recognises her as more than a best friend as she says "my lifelong friend...Corrie was my sister" (281)


Lee at the start of the book is quiet and thinks he is smarter than everyone else as Ellie says "deep brown intelligent eyes,...he was good at most things , but annoying when things went against him." At the end of the book he becomes more confident, determined and sociable as he gets to know Ellie and her friends better than he did at the start of the book, as Ellie claims, "He was determined to do it...he became outspoken, he started smiling and laughing." (254)

Text prediction of sequel

My prediction of the sequel is that Kevin will return as well as Corrie, but Corrie will be alive but with a life long scar or injury. And since the soldiers checked everywhere in Wirrawee, but haven't checked outside the town, they might and could find Ellie and her friends hiding.