VCR Presentation 10

By Katie Brown

Fill in the Blank

The elderly woman was admitted to the hospital suffering an attack of ________ that was later determined to have been caused by a hemorrhage in her brain.


n. A stroke; a sudden loss of muscular control, sensation, or consciousness usually resulting from rupture or blockage of a blood vessel (often used hyperbolically to describe a state of extreme rage the produces exaggerated responses)

Roots: APO <G. "away from"; PLESSEIN <G. "to strike"

apoplectic, adj.

Related Words


  • stroke, occlusion, thrombosis
  • rage, fury

  • no direct
  • consciousness, a healthy person with a normal brain
  • happy, calm, gleeful

For Example....

Mean Girls - Scream!

Choose the Incorrect Sentence

A. Regina George was apoplectic when she discovered that Cady had been giving her special granola bars to make her gain weight.

B. The man was unexpectedly stricken with apoplexy in the middle of the grocery store and started to have a seizure.

C. President Woodrow Wilson suffered a sudden attack of apoplexy that weakened him during his last months in office.

D. The driver was very apoplectic to the family who owned the mailbox that he knocked over, saying he was sorry many times.