By: Damian Grovas

Summary: Pg 20-40

The reading started with Quendy coming out of the bathroom complaining about a lesion or cut that she had on her face. After having much debating, the group seek a different opinion. This opinion was from the "girl in grey" as Titus called her, or Violet. Violet ended up joining the group of friends on there trip to the club that night. They decided to go to store, on their way back to the hotel they saw a bunch of protesters shoutiing "Chip in my head? I'm better off dead!" Before going to the popular Rumble Spot, Link and Marty were trying to get weasel-faced, as they tried to open the minibar. Unsuccessful in opening up the minibar the group finally ended up at the Club, where was an older man that was trying to talk to the younger girls, the older man went up to the Titus, and hacked his feed forcing him to say "We enter a time of Calamity." This was not only said by Titus, but others in the location. The police came, and shut them off.


"She was on the moon all alone. Here it was, spring break, and she was on the moon, where there was all this meg action, and she was there without friends. She said she just walked through the crowds and watched, and she saw all these great things that way. She said she was there to observe." (Anderson 29)

Cultural Studies

"...all these frat guys that were wearing these tachyon shorts so you couldn't barely look at them, which were $789.99 according to the feed..." (Anderson 34)

Is It great to know everything? Why or why not?

The birds that are mention, do you feel that they represent the humans?

Questions to ask yourselves about the chapter

a. How does Feed illustrate the degeneration of human thought and language?

b. How does Anderson’s work question the dangers of overreliance on technology?

c. In what ways does the book question the psychology of consumerism?

d. To what extent does media influence personal appearance, self-image, and choice?

e. How has technology changed our communication?