by Riccardo G. & Olivia W.

What is satire?

The use of humor as a device to expose flaws in people, literary works, institutions, or society.

8 types of satire

Irony > Sarcasm > Parody > Exaggeration > Contrast > Understatement > Surprise > Ridicule


A type of humor based on using words/statements to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning.

Examples from the book:

  • Duddy takes Yvette and Virgil out to celebrate his ownership of the land and brags about it.(This is ironic because Duddy used Virgil's money to pay for it)
  • Duddy is proud of his land.


Remarks that mean the opposite of what they seem to say and are intended to mock. (more cutting than verbal irony)

Example from the novel:

  • After Mr. Macpherson's wife dies he tells Duddy that he'll go far in life. He thinks Duddy is the reason for his wife’s death. Telling him that he will be successful is just a sarcastic comment. He doesn’t really mean it. He is angry with Duddy.


A work, literary or artistic, that imitates the characteristic style of an author, work, or genre for comic effect.

Examples from the text:

  • Parody of the rags to riches story.
  • Duddy is poor but he desires to be rich and successful.


Statements which suggest that something is better, worse, more common or more important than is true or usual.

    Example from the novel:
    • A man without land in nobody. Duddy takes this quote too seriously. This exaggeration leads to Duddy's downfall.


    The juxtaposition of two dissimilar subjects, people, tones, etc which results in a comedic effect.

    Example from the novel:

    • Yvette and Duddy are two contrasting characters. Yvette is naive, innocent, and logical. Duddy is cruel, ruthless and single minded. These characters are juxtaposed to make Duddy appear worse than he is.


    A statement that is deliberately lee forceful or dramatic than the subject would seem to justify or require.


    Statements which cause one to feel sudden wonder or amazement, especially because of something unexpected.

    Example from the novel:

    • The boy wonder smuggles drugs. And this is shocking. People idolized him however they didn't know that he wasn't as great as they thought. He isn’t this great role model that he is made out to be.


    Statements which make fun of or mock someone or something in a contemptuous way.

      Example from the novel:
      • Irwen and the other workers at St.Agath make fun of Duddy. He is younger than them and is easy to pick on.