Cardinal Connection

January 2013

Happy New Year (You) 2013

A new year is an opportunity to start over or become rejuvenated. You are the only one that has the ability to change your outlook and perspective. In 2013 step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. As many of have found out in this journey we call only get one shot to enjoy your journey. From this moment forward embrace the life you have and take time to reflect on your journey. What will be your legacy? What will people remember most about you? Do you spend the majority of your time having anxiety about things that are out of your control or do you see opportunity in perceived impossible situations? Do you make every thing a storm in your life or do you treasure the rain before the inevitable storm? How will you choose to respond to situations in 2013? Many of us have suffered losing a loved one or something that we have loved. Remember that those who love you the most deserve to have your time. In 2013 find balance in your "work" and in spending time with those that love you. If you are fortunate enough those loved ones will be there for you long after you leave JCPS. Find balance if not yourself but for those that love you.

Cardinal Celebrations!!!!

*Mrs. L. Frazier's son Chad received a full scholarship to U of L!!!! Go single mom!!!!!!!!!

*Mrs. Sedoris became a grandmother on Christmas Day!!!!!! She is so stinking cute. I am sure Anna wouldn't mind sharing her pictures of her new angel.

*Mrs. Bucalos received matching technology funds on DonorsChoose!!! Ask her about how she did it!!!!

*Mrs. Hill's students have completed over 3300 problems on Math IXL!!!!!

*Chancey received over $27,000 to purchase iPads!!!!!

*Welcome back Pat Nichter!!!

*Welcome back Leslie Spivak!!!

If you have something or someone to celebrate please shoot me an e-mail or post it note on my chair.

Thank you ILT members!!! The 2013 CSIP is in rough draft form but complete.

Thank you Celeste Harrigan, LaTondra Evans, Anna Sedoris, Christy Ballard, LaTonya Frazier, Felicia Carter, Kristen Celani, Dina Hayden, Lindsay Brooks, and Carri Rogers!!! We still need to polish, compare to the rubric and fill out checklist for all required components. We kept many of our strategies/activities. We share this entire document at ILT and make any additional revisions before SBDM approval.
The other ILT members were fortunate and left before the photo opportunity.


The state's ALL and GAP student's delivery targets are what we have to meet for the 2013 KPREP assessment in the spring. The targets are also embedded as benchmarks in our 2013 CSIP. Use these targets to closely watch your current reality and next steps. What is our current reality? What are your team goals based on your team data? (It may be higher than the state's delivery target.) Current scores reflect new KPREP cut scores.

Current Reality as January 6, 2013 (Reflects grades 3-5 only for all subjects.) The science and social studies scores are not accurate because not all students have been entered.


*Team meetings are scheduled for January 8, 2013 instead of staff development. I am sure you all need to meet.

*If you have not entered your science and social studies CASCADE scores please do so by Friday.

*When arriving in the morning for gym duty remember you are to supervise your grade group until your group is ready to leave. Take your students to the grade group classrooms according to the needs of your team.

*Please make sure your lesson plans are visible and accessible.

*Please encourage your students to use Math IXL according to our test data they could use the practice. If they don't have access at home then they have my permission to use an open computer ANYWHERE in the building. Please send them to practice the skills they need. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY AND ACCESS FOR ALL.~Dr. Dewey Hensley, CAO

*Please DO NOT send four or more students to the restroom without proper adult supervision. Cleaning unnecessary plumbing issues can be avoided with proper supervision.


*Smile some more

*Smile until your jaws hurt or at least until 3:45p.m.!!!!

*Meet the standards using authentic learning experiences that engage the learner more than it engages the teacher.

*Facilitate and activate the learner!

*Learn from your students!!!!!

*Let them see you as a life long learner!!!!

*Create memorable lessons.

*Drop your kids off on time and pick them up on time.

*Don't take yourself to seriously.

*Everyone is either entering a storm, in the middle of a storm or exiting a storm.

*Be nice to your colleagues everyone is working harder than they ever have before!!!!!!!

Do you Teach or Do you Educate?

Thoughts and Prayers

Please keep Shelia Ciarlante in your thoughts and prayers. She will be out for the next two weeks.