The Wicked Day

Mary Day

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Summary !

Mordred is born in a time of turmoil, when his mother is very powerful and is causing rifts in the kingdom, especially between her half brother Arthur and her new husband King Lot. Lot orders a massacre of all infants in hopes of eliminating a problem between Lot and Arthur, but one child is saved. The child is Mordred, and Morgause, his mother, whisks him off to a poor fishing family on the Orkney Island. Over the years, she provides sustenance to the family on a limited scale, and almost forgets about Mordred
-I didn't want you to feel that you were alone [The Wicked Day]

About Mary Day

Stewart is the bestselling author of many romantic suspense and historical fiction novels, which were well received by critics due to her skillful story telling and enchanting prose. Her novels are also known for their well-crafted settings, many in England but also in such exotic locations .She seamlessly combined the two genres, maintaining a full mystery while focusing on the courtship between two people, so that the process of solving the mystery helps to illuminate the hero's personality thereby helping the heroine to fall in love with him
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