Six Impossible Things

Farah's Impossible Things


Mrs. Bedggood


English, Line 5, Period 5


Monday, 27th May 2013

The Mission

In our English class we all had to read the novel called "Six Impossible Things" by Fiona Wood. The main character in the novel had a list of his six impossible things. Our task is to create a flyer listing our own six impossible things.


For me to walk to school and back in under 10 minutes because my home is 3 and half kilometers far away from school. This way, I would not have to be sending me to school and fetching me from school every day.


Own a pet hamster. I have owned 2 pet hamsters when I was young. Unfortunately it died because someone left the cage out in the rain and they drowned. I would really want a pet hamster, they are cute and fun to play with!


Paint a picture and get it into an art gallery or sell at least one painting because I would like to be a famous artist.


As well as an artist, I would like to be a famous poet and publish my first book.


Get over my fear of spiders. I hate spiders, they creep me out. If I see a spider i'll scream! Getting over my fear of spiders, that will be hard work.


I would like to bungee jumping before I die. Because I am afraid of heights and this would be a fun and crazy experience.